Architectural design proposal of reading space

History of Architecture Throughout ancient and medieval history, most of the architectural design and construction was carried out by artisans —such as stone masons and carpentersrising to the role of master builder. Until modern times, there was no clear distinction between architect and engineer. In Europe, the titles architect and engineer were primarily geographical variations that referred to the same person, often used interchangeably. Paper was not used in Europe for drawing until the 15th century but became increasingly available after

Architectural design proposal of reading space

Library Space Planning and Architectural Study – Hudson Area Public Library

April 20, The Hudson Area Public Library is seeking proposals from qualified library interior design and space planning consultants with knowledge of best practices in space utilization and architectural studies to develop conceptual designs and provide cost estimates for interior remodeling of the Hudson Area Joint Library, commonly referred to as the Hudson Area Public Library HAPL or Library.

The Library, which relocated to its current location inis housed in a building that formerly served as a corporate headquarters.

Architectural design proposal of reading space

The building is over 33, square feet; however, the Library shares the building with the Hudson Police Department. The Library occupies 19, square feet of the building. Optimization of space usage is imperative to effectively serve the Hudson Area community. The remodel will focus on better, more effective and efficient space utilization, will serve to support current and future use, provide an environment for reading, research, enrichment, and community engagement.

The remodel will allow the library to provide expanded opportunities for individuals and groups, offer 21st-century technology, and inspire a quest for knowledge and life-long learning. The location is picturesque and visitors often comment on the beauty of the location.

The building, which was built in the s and reflects the modern style of that era, is a two-story building plus a basement.

Architectural Design Proposal of Reading Space

The Library occupies the entire second floor and two-thirds of the main level. No basement space is available in the Library for use.

The Entrances The main entrance, which shares a vestibule with the Hudson Police Department, is located behind the building and away from the street. The second entrance, which is more frequently used by visitors, is street-side and more visible.

Inside the main entrance vestibule, there is a bulletin board for posting legal notices, meeting and public hearing notices, and other governmental postings. The Main Level The main level of the Library features an atrium, circulation desk, public computers, a small MakerSpace iLabadministrative offices, storage room, staff workroom, book return closets indoor and outdoorbathrooms, and an area for patron holds.

The main level is spacious but space is not well utilized. This room is a focal point, but the room no longer offers current technology and needs updating.

Several smaller rooms are used for small group meetings or individual studying. Next, the second floor houses the Friends of the Library Book Store and workroom. The area surrounding the bookstore and workroom, often, is filled with Friends of the Library book carts, as well as storage of tables and chairs.

This can create congestion in this area. Also, the public bathrooms are located in this area, as well as the Community Bulletin Board. Finally, located on the second floor is a very large staff room with a kitchen and a small balcony with views of the river.

Currently, the room is used in a variety of manners. The room is used for staff breaks, by the Friends of the Library for overflow and storage, and Library staff uses the room for some Library programming. The design should be cost-effective, make use of existing features, shelving, and furniture, as feasible and desirable.

The design should demonstrate the maximization of space for additional volumes of books, as well as more efficient staff and public spaces.

The consultant will provide recommendations for improvements and an implementation plan to alter, remodel, redesign, redecorate, and re-furnish the Library space within a two-year period. The process will include seeking input from the communities served.

Proposal Requirements Please include the following information: Provide a list of 3 projects with similar scope and size, preferably public libraries, including the following information: Project type remodel, expansion and description of concepts used Square footage involved Estimated and completed costs.

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Describe how the firm will approach the project and gather information to develop the designs. Include onsite visits, research, staff interviews, community input, and observation periods.

Provide a commitment to complete design and space planning, including detailed cost estimates and initial plans by December 1, The fee structure shall be written in the proposal and stated in figures. The Hudson Area Public Library is exempt from sales tax and this shall be taken into consideration.

Cost quotes and payment terms should be included for all services; HAPL will not reimburse proposers for any costs involved in the preparation and submission to this RFP or in the preparation for or participation in any subsequent demonstrations and meeting prior to selection Terms and Conditions This RFP does not obligate HAPL to accept or obligate HAPL to contract for any expressed or implied services HAPL reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.

HAPL shall not be responsible for any costs incurred by the firm in preparing, submitting, or presenting its response to this RFP.Myspace Architects is a dynamic, design-driven studio focused on delivering unique, functional and affordable results.

Since we have collaborated across disciplines and industries to bring buildings and infrastructure projects to life earning several awards and accolades along the way.

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Library Space Planning and Architectural Study. Posted: April 20, The Hudson Area Public Library is seeking proposals from qualified library interior design and space planning consultants with knowledge of best practices in space utilization and architectural studies to develop conceptual designs and provide cost estimates for interior remodeling of the Hudson Area Joint Library.

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Library Buildings and Equipment Section Key Issues in Building Design architectural competition, is the design brief which has to be developed as an outline brief at this stage and will become a full design brief including space .

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