Business report scope example

Corporate Practice of the Professions Through the years, the Office of the Professions has received numerous inquiries related to whether business corporations may offer the services of licensed professionals. The Board of Regents has considered these issues in discussions about professional misconduct cases and practice questions involving various professions.

Business report scope example

Business Architecture relates business elements to business goals and elements of other domains.

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In practical terms, the Business Architecture is also often necessary as a means of demonstrating the business value of subsequent architecture work to key stakeholders, and the return on investment to those stakeholders from supporting and participating in the subsequent work. The business strategy defines the goals and drivers and metrics for success, but not necessarily how to get there.

That is the role of the Business Architecture, defined in detail in Phase B. This will depend to a large extent on the enterprise environment. In some cases, key elements of the Business Architecture may be done in other activities; for example, the enterprise mission, vision, strategy, and goals may be documented as part of some wider business strategy or enterprise planning activity that has its own lifecycle within the enterprise.

The business strategy typically defines what to achieve - the goals and drivers, and the metrics for success - but not how to get there.

Los Angeles Times - We are currently unavailable in your region Artifacts Data object, group, annotation These four categories enable creation of simple business process diagrams BPDs. BPDs also permit making new types of flow object or artifact, to make the diagram more understandable.
University Technology Upgrades But, an effectively written scope statement can help the rest of the project flow along with minimal problems.
How to Write a Business Report (with Pictures) - wikiHow List of business entities Forms of business ownership vary by jurisdictionbut several common entities exist: A sole proprietorshipalso known as a sole trader, is owned by one person and operates for their benefit.

That is the role of the Business Architecture. In other cases, little or no Business Architecture work may have been done to date. In such cases, there will be a need for the architecture team to research, verify, and gain buy-in to the key business objectives and processes that the architecture is to support.

Constructing Powerful Scope Statements

This may be done as a free-standing exercise, either preceding architecture development, or as part of Phase A. Business Scenariosor any other method that illuminates the key business requirements and indicates the implied technical requirements for IT architecture, may be used.

business report scope example

A key objective is to re-use existing material as much as possible. In architecturally more mature environments, there will be existing Architecture Definitions, which hopefully will have been maintained since the last architecture development cycle.

Where Architecture Descriptions exist, these can be used as a starting point, and verified and updated if necessary; see Part V Gather and analyze only that information that allows informed decisions to be made relevant to the scope of this architecture effort.

If this effort is focused on the definition of possibly new business processes, then Phase B will necessarily involve a lot of detailed work. This input may have been used already in Phase A in developing the Architecture Vision, such as the business capability map or a core set of value streams as introduced in 6.

The reasons to update these materials include having a missing business capability, a new value stream, or changed organizational unit that has not previously been assessed within the scope of the Enterprise Architecture project.

Note that putting these methods into action to drive a focus and target state for later architecture work does not mean the fundamental frameworks from Phase A, such as a common enterprise business capability map, necessarily change but rather that they are applied in a manner driven by the scope and needs of the specific Enterprise Architecture project.

If no Architecture Descriptions exist, information should be gathered and Business Architecture models developed. Whatever the scope of the specific project, it is important to determine whether it is the fundamental view of the business that is changing or the usage of those views to determine scope, priorities, and relationships for the specific project in relation to the rest of the enterprise.

Those business capabilities should be mapped back to the organizational units, value streams, information systems, and strategic plans within the scope of the Enterprise Architecture project. This relationship mapping provides greater insight into the alignment and optimization of each of those domains see Relationship Mapping in The Open Group Guide to Business Capabilities.

Another common analysis technique involves heat mapping, which can be used to show a range of different perspectives on the same set of core business capabilities. These include maturity, effectiveness, performance, and the value or cost of each capability to the business.

Different attributes determine the colors of each capability on the business capability map see Heat Mapping in The Open Group Guide to Business Capabilities. For example, a business capability maturity heat map shows the desired maturity as green for a specific capability, one level down as yellow, and two or more levels down as red.

Other colors may indicate status, such as purple denoting a capability that does not exist yet in the company but is desired, or perhaps as a capability that is over-funded and has more resources than necessary. This gap analysis is directly tied to the Enterprise Architecture project underway; a gap is only relevant in the context of the business need and provides focus for more mapping in this phase or priorities for later architecture phases.

Start with the initial set of value stream models for the business documented in the Architecture Vision phase.


Within the scope of the specific Enterprise Architecture project, if sufficiently larger in breadth, there may be a need for new value streams not already in the repository. A project might focus on specific stakeholders, one element of business value, or stress some stages over others to develop better requirements for solutions in later phases.

The map should also depict the working relationship between those entities, as distinct from an organizational chart that only shows hierarchical reporting relationships. The map is typically depicted as a network or web of relationships and interactions between the various business entities see Organigraphs: The business unit is the main concept used to establish organization maps.

business report scope example

In keeping with the relatively unconstrained view of what constitutes as enterprise, the enterprise may be one business unit for the project underway, may include all business units, or also include third parties or other stakeholder groups.Scope of the Study This study was limited to the perceptions of full-time business employees as to the negative effects that stress has on work performance and the steps that employers are.

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You can pay using an E-check (no fee) or a major credit card ( percent processing fee). A scope statement, whether it is a product or project scope statement is very important in any project proposal or any research statement. This is because scope statement details the goals and objectives and the possible output that leads to a successful project.

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Abstract. Through our experience working with project teams in many industries on hundreds of projects, we recognize that although Project Managers and project teams may understand the theory and value of developing a Project Scope Statement, many do not have viable tools, techniques or .

How to Write a Business Report (with Pictures) - wikiHow