Describe your favorite sport cricket

She is carried away on a stretcher.

Describe your favorite sport cricket

Turn left at the seven story building in downtown Montauk Proceed about 3 miles to the first stop sign. Picture a young surfer dude wandering around a dock lined with charter boats. A grizzled old captain yells out, "Hey, kid, you want a job? He had never been fishing before and was drawn to Montauk for the surfing, not the surf casting.

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In addition to learning the fishing business, Doug, who also owned a diesel parts business catering to the fishing boats in Montauk, taught Mike all he needed to know about the maintenance of diesel powered boats.

While with George, Mike passed his captains test, and eventually took over the operation of the boat on all offshore trips. Other than well experienced fishermen, few people realize the complexities of the tidal system here in Montauk. You can be anchored on one spot with the outgoing tide, while a mile away others are anchored with the flood tide, and will be for another half hour or so.

The single most important factor in inshore fishing is the tide, and Captain McTurck was and still is the acknowledged master. However, his protege, Mike Vegessi is an extremely close second.

During the winters Mike would work on one of the many commercial boats fishing out of the harbor, a tough racket. The weather is rough, but the winter is when most of the money is made in commercial fishing. Offshore there are plenty of fish, and the prices are high. One year he would fish a dragger, for porgies, whiting or fluke.

When Mike took over, he changed the rules. Half day only - flounders in the spring, followed by fluke in the summer and bass and blues in the fall. The targeted audience was families, fishing in calm protected waters.

It is now one of the most popular boats in town, and is truly a family affair. Mike runs it, while his wife Kathy is in charge of the money.

Describe your favorite sport cricket

She sells the tickets and makes sure that the motels are stocked up on their brochures. Their duties as mates include cutting squid, baiting hooks, netting fish, untangling lines, and cleaning up the mess at the end of each trip.

The best part of their job? That is, decorate the back of your shirt with little pieces of cut squid.

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If favorite customers fall asleep, they might wake up with their faces painted with colorful sunscreen. Kidding aside, the girls agree they love working on the water.

Describe your favorite sport cricket

Still others plainly see it as a real estate gold mine. However, last Sunday I saw the heart and sole - the true lure - of Montauk that makes it one of the most revisited towns on the east end - fishing.

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Nearly a month into flounder season, with bleak reports across the island, my high hopes drove with me to Montauk Harbor. Most boats in Montauk wait until the May tourist crowd is ready to get their lines wet, but the eager crew of this productive family- style boat boasts a rather long fishing season.

From flounder in the cool days of April to the search for stripers in the cold waters of mid December, Mike and his crew cater to every kind of angler. The term "slow action" is in no way synonymous with fishing in Montauk. It does, however, describe the result of relatively warm waters throughout the winter, causing these migratory flatties to spawn and leave the area earlier.

With a light breeze out of the southwest, the captain cut the engines as we began our drift from the deeper channel onto the more shallow flats toward shore. Within the firs minute, a long time loyal customer named Mike hooked up wit the first fish.

The fat thirteen inch flounder would prove to be the start of a great day.Latest environmental news, features and updates. Pictures, video and more. The two-year journey from distress to glory is a tale that words cannot describe.

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CAPT MIKE VEGESSI & THE LAZYBONES. What the Long Island Fisherman has to say. Immediately after a single blast of the horn, six ounce diamond jigs are simultaneously slung outwards in a variety of different directions just prior to entering the turbulent rip. Within about thirty seconds, the sound of "Fish On" is cried and a 29" striped bass is .

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