Dfd for computer rental monitoring system

Louis Jia-Ching Lin Introduction When developing information systems, most organizations use a standard of steps called the systems development lifecycle SDLC at the common methodology for systems development. SDLC includes phases such as planning, analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance. At the heart of systems development, analysis and design are the second and third phases of SDLC. The analysis phase usually requires a careful study of the current system, which continues two sub phases:

Now, let us get deep into it. Admin Like every other management system the car rental management system will have the admin. The admin will the entity that will monitor the activities and the records of whole system. Following are the some main facts related to the admin of the system.

There will be only one admin in the system. The admin will have the power to delete any other users form the records or update the data of any other users. Any car or the payment deal will be approved by the admin.

Registration Every other user will go through the registration process in order to register into the system.

Dfd for computer rental monitoring system

Following are the required fields that are need to be filled in order to complete the process: Name — The users will enter their full name or the company name. Password — If you are a user, you will need to enter the password according to your convenience. Use the password which is easy to remember for you.

Do not disclose this password to anyone. The reason being, the password will be used to login into the account, and if any other random person does some unusual activity with your account.

You will be the responsible and some legal action can be taken against you. Email ID — It is also important to provide the email address of the concerned user. This email address will be used for some verification process and as one of the modes to communicate.

After above details are filled, the user must read the privacy and policy statements before registering themselves into the system. When the user agrees with all the conditions and registers, an email will be sent to the given email id with a unique id and some specific set of instructions.

You, as a user, are to follow those steps in order to complete the registration process. Forgot Password and Change Password If the user forgets the unique id or the password, it will be easy to recover both of them.

You as a user just need to enter the registered email id and some step of instructions will be sent to the email id and you just are to follow those simple steps If you feel that your password is compromised, you can easily change it by just providing the old password and entering the new password you want.

Update the profile Every single user in the system will have to update their profile record. Alternate Email Address Driver License Information for customer Communication Address Now let us discuss more details about the modules in car rental management system.

Customers Customers are the reason why I feel to introduce the car rental management system, to make their journey wonderful, to get them fit for the environment they are traveling into. View the Cars — You, as a customer, can observe the lists of cars available in the inventory.

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The user can filter the records of the car based on: Price - The budget is an important factor. It will be easier to choose a car rather than wondering what if I choose this car and the price is higher.

No tension at all, you can analyze the car record and choose your best car. If you want to take the car which is popular in the system rather than thinking about the fact how this car would perform, you better look into it.

The already registered customers have given the feedback of their car driving experience. If you are into brand, you can view the cars of your favorite brand. I have taken that too into the account. Just pick your pick.

Dfd for computer rental monitoring system

Rent a Car - After you have selected your favorite car, you can fill the car rental form which is available online.Rental House Management System Henry Peter Gommans*, there is need to develop a rental house management system that can simplify work for the rental managers so that all their work system design, operating system, computer programming and database management system (Cohn, ).

The gure below shows a context Data Flow Diagram that is drawn for a video rental system. It contains a process (shape) that represents the system to model, in this case, the "Video Rental Store".

Check out Ryder Truck Rental And Repair Assemblers And Fabricators's Resume. This is an example of a Manufacturing And Production Resume based in Haysville, KS - .

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It is done to show the DFD, not to show how a business would actually handle an rder system. Context diagram This shows the DFD for the order entry including processing, data stores, entities and data flow.

The data flow diagram presented in Fig. , on page , Again, an overview of the system is given in a data flow diagram. Fig. , on page , shows the procedures required to receive payment, update in the revenue cycle–to make sure that the transaction should occur.

Within an information system, objects could be customers, suppliers, contracts, and rental agreements. A set of diagrams or models is used to represent various views and functionality of the system and is commonly known as Unified Modeling Language (UML).

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