Florida football players are they students athletes essay

In his article about collegiate sports programs, Thomas Rosandich refers to a "performance pyramid", which shows the general progression of athletic organizations in the United States. As the pyramid progresses, the level of competition increases, while the number of competitors decreases until the highest level of organized sport, professional sportsis reached. In many respects, the intercollegiate sports level serves as a feeder system to the professional level, as the elite college athletes are chosen to compete at the next level. This system differs greatly from nearly all other countries in the world, which generally have government-funded sports organizations that serve as a feeder system for professional competition.

Florida football players are they students athletes essay

There is so much disparity between what the top college football or basketball program generates and what the smallest one ekes out that recruiting would all but die.

Why would a top high school prospect choose a school close to home when he can make thousands more by playing for a huge program? The moment you start giving out money, even if it is a set amount, is the moment that college athletes cease to play sports solely because they love the game.

Eventually, as with all jobs and workforces, the athletes would get disgruntled with the amount they were receiving.

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The starting quarterback would be upset that he was getting paid the same amount as the third string middle linebacker who rarely saw the field. Student athletes have reported that coaches have approached them about changing their majors to better accommodate their athletic schedules.

Most college athletes but not all are on some sort of scholarship which means that their tuition is paid for, as are their books and living expenses.

What Solutions are Out There? The reimbursement should encourage athletes to graduate, perhaps giving them a set amount of money upon completion. They could even offer to fully fund the pursuit of a post-graduate degree for those who are interested in advancing their education.

As a college graduate, I can say that the gift of a free education is priceless. The money that they are saving these athletes in student loans is worth way more than the actual cost of tuition, plus the job opportunities available to those with a degree are far greater than those struggling to make it without.

Each and every student athlete is awarded the chance to do something great with their time in college, whether on the field or off. And that is the greatest payment anyone could receive.Types of College Athletes.


When people hear “college athlete,” most imagine D-I football or basketball players. They probably don’t consider the students playing Ultimate at the liberal arts school.

Florida football players are they students athletes essay

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Composite Calendar Baseball Men's Basketball Women's Basketball Cross Country Football Men's Golf . Paying NCAA Athletes Essay; Paying NCAA Athletes Essay Outline Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to inform my audience about the issue of potentially paying college athletes so that they may make an informed decision themselves.

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