Leadership narayan murthy essay

He was an average student but active in student politics. They have one daughter, Supriya Sulewho is married to Sadanand Sule. Supriya currently represents the Baramati constituency in the 15th Lok Sabha.

Leadership narayan murthy essay

Based on that it was asked to discuss what could be the characteristics of a successful political leader and statesman. Students were given a case study based on the profiles of three different Social Activists Their work areas, achievements etc. Students had to discuss the ideal characteristics a social activist must possess and reach a consensus at the end.

The GD was on a case study where data about three bollywood actresses background, kind of cinema they did, popularity, awards etc was given. It was required that we reach a consensus about the three qualities required to be a good actress. In the case study students were given the profile of three successful entrepreneurs.

Students had to discuss and decide the three most important qualities required for a successful entrepreneur. Feedback - Personal Interview Average Duration: Tell us something about yourself? How did you land up in Surat? What is the meaning of your surname? Tell us something about your home town?

Why not pursue M Tech.? Why do you want to pursue MBA? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

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Why not do something further in nanotechnology? Why not join Wipro Technologies? Why should we select you? Excerpts From Interview 2: So, tell us something about your company? What is a V-Tec engine? What is the use of a flip flop circuit? What are the uses of a transistor?

What do you know about vacuum pipes and vacuum tubes? Describe your job profile?


Why do you want to do MBA? Will you consider going back to your previous company after completing MBA? Tell us something about your family background? Excerpts From Interview 3: What did you do while you were waiting outside?

Why did you pick up engineering in graduation? Why did you do it in electronics and communication? Which was your favorite subject? Describe your final year project? Since you are a fresher, why should we select you? Which specialization would you want to go for?

Which other calls do you have? What if you convert all of them?Indian Politics Politics in India takes place within the framework of a constitution. India is a federal parliamentary democratic republic in which the President of India is head of state and the Prime Minister of India is the head of government.

Under the leadership of Mr. Narayan Murthy, the ex-chairman of the Infosys, the company has ended up being one of the most successful IT companies in the world.

Infosys Technologies Ltd is one of the leading IT companies In India and worldwide. It is now a global leader in the "Next Generation" of IT and Consulting. - Leadership - Motivational-Self Help - Entering into the UnknownThis question and answer book tells a true story of great trust, love, and.

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Managing Ethical Issues in Human Resource Management (1) Learning From the West - Narayan Murthy. Friendship Mihalis Mentinis. Us Core Values. Cross Cultural MAY Colombian Values. N.R. Narayana Murthy The best way to train oneself to become an effective leader is to follow an effective leader.

Leadership narayan murthy essay

One of the most successful entrepreneurs and a truly acclaimed leader has written such a heartfelt and instructive letter that it can be mined for highly valuable business leadership lessons.


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