Missing by gecko theatre

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Missing by gecko theatre

London International Mime Festival: Missing is a vivid piece of dance theatre, infused with electrifying energy, highly developed characters and an intriguing plot. We see the relationship between Lily and her husband build with anticipation, then unravel unhappily. As we observe their passionate relationship in collapse, Lily gains a clearer understanding of her origins and, therefore, her present identity crisis.

Their physical work establishes an array of characters who we can engage and identify with.

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Unable to sit together comfortably, they fidget, writhe and maneouvre, yet are unable to settle. Even though each character speaks in a different European language, we are able to understand them through their physicality — the characters are vocal, but their communication is not restricted to the verbal level.

The multilingualism of Missing does not prevent our access, but rather focuses it: Georgina Roberts, as Lily, is the only character who speaks English, and thus we are invited into her world.

As Lily dances Flamenco like her mother, gradually becoming more confident, we see how tapping into her past has helped her find her true self. A fight between her parents is played, rewound and replayed with filmic precision.

Sparks fly, almost literally: Similarly, the story is highly supported by the original music Dave Price and sound effects Enzo Appetecchia and Nathan Johnson. Moreover, every production is in constant development.

Every performance is like a testing ground, where new ideas surface and the content changes: Their aim stays firm though: You could see this show several times and gain something new from it each time.Missing is a Gecko production co-commissioned by New Wolsey Theatre in association with Warwick Arts Centre and DanceEast.

Ideas originally developed with Kanopy Dance and the University of Wisconsin.

Missing by gecko theatre

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Feb 02,  · Gecko’s Missing closed the London International Mime Festival with a bang this weekend at the Royal Opera House Linbury rutadeltambor.comg is a vivid piece of dance theatre, infused with electrifying energy, highly developed characters and an intriguing plot.5/5.

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