Opinions on public transportationpublic transportation is

Amid the ongoing construction, however, the USC football team and the Los Angeles Rams will still be playing at the venue this season. With football season approaching, fans should consider taking public transportation instead of driving, and put aside their negative perceptions of public transportation.

Opinions on public transportationpublic transportation is

By letter previously acknowledged you requested our opinion on a question pertaining to the powers of a public transportation benefit area, hereinafter referred to as a "PTBA," as provided in chapter Your question is as follows: Transit access ramps associated with a new or existing roadway; "3.

A central passenger facility for use by various modes of travel which might include intra-city buses, inter-city buses, rail facilities, and autos?

Paying for the Bus

The governing body of a PTBA is referred to as a "public transportation benefit area authority. In additiona public transportation benefit area may contract with any governmental agency or with any private person, firm or corporationfor the use by either contracting party of all or any part of the facilities, structures, lands, interests in lands, air rights over lands and rights of way of all kinds which are owned, leased or held by the other party and for the purpose of planning, constructing or operating any facility or performing any service which the public transportation benefit area may be authorized to operate or perform, on such terms as may be agreed upon by the contracting parties.

Opinions on public transportationpublic transportation is

With these provisions in mind we turn, first, to so much of your question as asks whether a PTBA has the authority, on its own or in conjunction with other governmental agencies, to construct ".

In addition, it is also readily to be concluded that a PTBA may, jointly with a city, a county or the state highway commission, plan, construct and maintain a joint use facility consisting of a city street, county road, or state highway together with facilities to be used exclusively by public transit vehicles.

This conclusion is based both upon the express authority to enter into contracts as set forth in RCW To this end the legislature declares it to be a highway purpose to use motor vehicle funds, city and town street funds or county road funds to pay the full proportionate highway, street or road share of the costs of design, right of way acquisition, construction and maintenance of any highway, street or road to be used jointly with an urban public transportation system.

In this regard we refer you to RCW It may, however, construct a roadway for the exclusive bus use since this is a facility that is passenger oriented and falls within the concept of "public transportation service" as defined by RCW Next, we turn to so much of your question as pertains to the construction of transit access ramps associated with a new or existing roadway.

Getting around with Transit

In response to that question we believe that the power to contract with other governmental agencies for the use of their facilities and structures, as provided in RCW In so concluding, however, we must note the limitations upon the use of the state motor vehicle fund, county road funds and city street funds imposed by the 18th Amendment to the state constitution which provides that: In the first of these two cases the court held it to be a violation of the 18th Amendment for the funds to which it applies to be used for studies incident to the preparation of a comprehensive public transportation plan for the metropolitan Seattle area.

In thus ruling the court defined a public transportation system as ". The rationale for that ruling was that the facilities in question were to be developed in order to increase the efficient utilization of the highways themselves by permitting motorists to transfer from private autos to public transportation buses for travel to downtown metropolitan area.

We trust the foregoing will be of some assistance to you.Reviewing the entire set of polling questions related to public transit revealed that the surveys commonly address the following themes: the reasons people support public transit; opinions about transit service quality; the extent to which people support improving transit as a general concept; and support levels for raising additional revenues to .

“Transit will survive in New York, and it may survive in five or six other urban areas, but transportation planners in the other urban areas in the United States need to start thinking about. Aug 24,  · There’s only one feasible solution to these problematic changes: public transportation, especially the Metro light rail.

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Interestingly, only about , people out of the 13 million residents in the Los Angeles metro area use the Metro light rail on an average weekday. But general ridership is decreasing every year, and one concern is safety.

Opinions on public transportationpublic transportation is

On August 23, , the Bergen Record published an op-ed on transit in New Jersey that called for a new vision for the mass transit systems serving the tri-state region. King County Metro was the top large public transportation agency in North America over the last year, according to the leading public transit trade organization.

Building transit systems is not the same as having people ride them, and people riding transit more is not the same as people driving less (plenty of transit riders are people who used to walk).

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