Research study of ink

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Research study of ink

With the rise of IoT, the number and diversity of connected devices is expected to increase exponentially. While this increase in IoT devices promises benefits to consumers, it also opens the doors for security threats ranging from software vulnerabilities to denial-of-service DOS attacks to weak passwords and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.

The IoT devices tested—along with their cloud and mobile application components—were from manufacturers of TVs, webcams, home thermostats, remote power outlets, sprinkler controllers, hubs for controlling multiple devices, door locks, home alarms, scales and garage door openers.

The most common and easily addressable security issues reported include: Eight of the 10 devices tested, along with their corresponding cloud and mobile application components, raised privacy concerns regarding the collection of consumer data such as name, email address, home address, date of birth, Research study of ink card credentials and health information.

Moreover, 90 percent of tested devices collected at least one piece of personal information via the product itself, the cloud or its mobile application. Lack of transport encryption: Transport encryption is crucial given that many of the tested devices collected and transmitted sensitive data across channels.

Six of the 10 devices evaluated raised security concerns with their user interfaces such as persistent XSS, poor session management, weak default credentials and credentials transmitted in clear text.

Seventy percent of devices with cloud and mobile components would enable a potential attacker to determine valid user accounts through account enumeration or the password reset feature.

Some downloads could even be intercepted, extracted and mounted as a file system in Linux where the software could be viewed or modified. To protect against security hazards that come along with the rise of IoT, it is imperative for organizations to implement an end-to-end approach to identify software vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

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Solutions like HP Fortify on Demand enable organizations to test the security of software quickly, accurately, affordably and without any software to install or manage—proactively eliminating the immediate risk in legacy applications and the systemic risk in application development.

State of the Union study tested 10 of the most commonly used IoT devices for vulnerabilities using standard testing techniques that combined manual testing along with the use of automated tools.

Devices and their cloud, network and client application components were assessed based on the OWASP Internet of Things Top 10 list and the specific vulnerabilities associated within each category. Additional information about application security and further details resulting from the study are available at hp.

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Research study of ink

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Ink on Paper: Some Notes on Note Taking* – Association for Psychological Science