Students and social service essay in malayalam

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Students and social service essay in malayalam

Rita Rani Essay Man has three duties.

Service station business plan Like others, students have also their duties towards the society.
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Duty towards God, duty towards parents and duty towards mankind. Students are born to read, to study books to prepare themselves for examinations.

Students and social service essay in malayalam

The hue and cry of the world and the heat and dust of life generally do not move them. Then the services of students are essential. They are also social beings like other classes of people.

They enjoy the same social benefits, rights and privileges. There is no rose without a thorn and no right without duties. No wonder then that students have certain duties to the society in which they live in.

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They can play an important role. Female students can teach the uneducated women how to keep their houses neat and clean, how to bring up children and look after their health. The village people and the people living in the slums suffer from many diseases.

They have no knowledge about health and environment. The students can teach them about the basic rules of health and environment. Bangladesh is an over populated country. Most of the villagers of our country are illiterate.

They are also superstitious. They have no knowledge about family planning. They are unwilling to accept family planning. In this regard students can render a good social service. They can explain to illiterate village people the need for adopting family planning. Ours is an undeveloped country.

So the students of our country have many things to do for the welfare and good of the country. They can render free services in different spheres of our national life.

Most of the people of our country are illiterate. The students can open night schools and teach the illiterate people.

They can remove illiteracy from our country. During the vacation they can go to the villages and teach the rural folk.

Students And Social Service Essay In Malayalam

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Her prosperity depends on agriculture. But the farmers of our country are illiterate. They have no knowledge about scientific method of cultivation. In this case students can teach the illiterate farmers.

During natural calamities students can render better services. During floods and cyclones and famine students stand by the affected people.Social service can be, and should be done by all, but students are especially useful for social service.

Though they should devote a greater part of their time in attending to their studies, they should spend a portion of their time in the service of the people. Student and Social Service Essay Student and Social Services Life is too short for acquiring knowledge.

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Students and social service essay in malayalam

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