Summer of my german soldier essay

Describe the reasons why Patty feels isolated. Patty is also an outcast as hers is the only Jewish family in the neighborhood. Her unlikely and illicit friendship with Freddy Dowd is founded on their mutual lack of status.

Summer of my german soldier essay

In this classic story, set during the Second World War, an intelligent young Jewish girl named Patty Bergen lives with her family in Jenkinsville, Arkansas. Isolated from other children by religion, she is also isolated from her family.

Her father, the owner of the town department store, is dismissive and abusive. Things begin to change when Jenkinsville is chosen as the site of a prisoner of war camp for captured Germans.

When a group of POWs are brought into the store to purchase hats, one young man is called upon to translate. As the others are making their purchases, Patty waits on him.

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She finds him polite and friendly, as well as handsome. He introduces himself as Frederick Anton Reiker, or Anton to his friends. Here she hides her most precious things, including the books she buys with money given to her on the sly by her grandmother.

The hideout is her escape from her friendless world, where she spends her days reading and learning vocabulary words from the dictionary. On the same day that several U-Boats are captured off the coast of the U. The FBI becomes involved immediately, and a woman reporter from Memphis comes to write an article about the escape.

She takes Patty with her to the camp, and finds Patty has the potential to become a writer. She encourages Patty to consider journalism, and offers a mentoring type of friendship to the lonely girl.

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Anton has used a clever ruse to escape from the POW camp, seeking freedom rather than collusion with the Nazis. Patty finds him and hides him in her secret place.

He proves his devotion when he sees her father beating her, and momentarily runs out of hiding to attempt to stop it.

Summer of my german soldier essay

He catches himself in time to prevent being seen by all but Ruth, the maid, who has compassion for him and aids Patty in helping him. After a serious discussion, however, Ruth and Anton agree he should move on in order to avoid putting Patty and her family in danger.

Before he leaves, Anton gives Patty a ring that belonged to his father. It is the most precious possession he has, and he tells her she is a special person.

Summer of My German Soldier Summary & Study Guide

He then disappears out of her life. She repeats her story, and her father takes the ring, accusing her of immoral behavior. When Ruth stands up for Patty, Mr. The local Sherriff comes to talk to Patty and gives her back her ring; she tells him the same story she told Sister Parker and her father.

Summer of my german soldier essay

They also show her a telegram stating Anton was shot and killed while resisting arrest. Despondent, she tells the FBI everything, except for the fact that anyone else knew of her actions.

Essay Summer Of My German Soldier Essay Research She confides in him because of the lack of parental love in her life. The Nazi soldier shows Patty that she is a person of value and is important in the world.

The Bergens find themselves pressured by the locals to leave Jenkinsville. In reform school, Patty is just as lonely as ever. However, she seems determined, somehow, to try. This section contains words approx.In Ernest Hemingway’s short story, “Soldier’s Home”, a young man named Krebs is unable to relate to his mother and home life after he returned from the First World War.

We will write a custom essay sample on Soldier’s Home specifically for you. for only $/page. Book Review, Summer of My German Soldier "A Soldier" by. The Historical Fiction novel Summer of My German Soldier, by Bette Greene takes place during World War II.

It describes the life of a twelve-year old girl, Patty Bergen. Summer of My German Soldier is Bette Greene’s young adult novel about year-old Patty Bergen and the summer that she meets and eventually shelters a German prisoner of war. The setting is the small town of Jenkinsville, Arkansas during World War II, and the story that is told is heartbreak ing.

Bette Greene wrote “Summer of my German Soldier”. This book is about a 17 year old teenager who gets caught up in World War 2. When he gets drafted his girlfriend takes serious action to save her boyfriend, but also takes the risk of losing her.

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The novel, Summer of My German Soldier, written by Bette Greene is about a young Jewish girl, Patty, who befriends a Nazi soldier. She confides in him because of the lack of parental love in her life.

The Nazi soldier shows Patty that she is a person of value and is important in the world. This is. Summer of My German Soldier Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and more.

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