Teachers tribute

Most of us have had one or two special teachers who have touched us deeply and changed the course of our lives. Some of these teachers know it, but many do not. This is a place to immortalize them and give them the recognition, honor and respect they deserve. If you would like to have someone listed here, click on the link below and send us an email.

Teachers tribute

She was one of the great teachers who contributed richly to the tradition that made Vassar known for the quality of its teaching. She not only taught but invented courses. For all I know, she may have been the first person here to teach the course we knew as "Blake to Keats" and to invest it with compelling meaning.

She certainly made it famous. I was fortunate to be a freshman at Vassar the first year Helen Lockwood taught here. I took her courses in "Blake to Keats" and in "Contemporary Press. Her influence changed my outlook on the purposes of living and made me feel forever unsatisfied with not quite knowing and not quite doing.

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She enlarged my whole conception of the fascination and complexity of societies and individuals, past and present, and made it impossible for me to do anything less than my best for the world of which she made me feel so much a part.

I could not, after learning what hard intellectual work really Teachers tribute, and after experiencing the excitement that comes with intellectual and self-discovery, possibly have settled for a way of life that demanded too little of me and that could have left my own decision-making to the mercy of whims and moods and accidental events and passing enthusiasms.

To Helen Lockwood there was nothing unfriendly or incompatible in the relationship between the theory and the practice within any field or discipline; nor was there a chasm between art and science. For her also there were no chasms between the community and the student and the teacher.

There is an erroneous notion abroad today that there is a dichotomy between intellectual discovery and self-discovery--that if you are bent on one of these missions, you cannot achieve the other.

Helen Lockwood made it clear that a great teacher can help a student to achieve both. Lest there be any misunderstanding of the effect of her teaching, may I say that it has made for a joyous life. She never suggested a life of dutiful self-sacrifice; but suggested rather the deep satisfaction that comes through self-realization in active form.

She was a convincing example of wholeness. When I graduated from Vassar, she became and remained a friend of mine until her death in England in March of this year. Shortly after her death, another friend of hers wrote: They are those who have devoted their major energies to helping you to make intellectual discoveries, to sharpen your mental equipment and to discover yourselves.

Teachers tribute

It will be these teachers whom you will remember because they will influence what you do with your life. I think you will find that they are the enduring legacy of your years at Vassar.

So far, it is our temporary loss; but, unless we are careful, it may be our mutual and permanent loss if institutions like Vassar cease to inspire the belief and support they once enjoyed for their excellence in teaching.

Helen Lockwood was a great teacher and a great human being, and she is at this moment symbolic of the best that a college like Vassar has to offer. We need to remember--students, graduates and faculty, trustees and alumni alike--that the kind of teaching she did, the way of life she exemplified and the part she played in her community illustrate the central purpose of an educational institution.

We must not be beguiled by the crises of our times into making colleges political instruments, through the political activities of Vassar students and others in this community should be a source of pride. But there are many avenues for political action in society.

Let Vassar play its essential and valuable part as an institution of learning. As you leave Vassar, which has given you its best in good teaching, you can go out with confidence in your capacity to understand and to take action in the making of a better and more just society.

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Teachers tribute

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