The legend of james bowie essay

Frontier child James Bowie was born nine miles northwest of Franklin, Kentucky in the spring of

The legend of james bowie essay

Expand photo-frames-with-retro-edges-vector Sitting up in his sick bed, he could hear the chaos in the courtyard outside—the roar of cannon, the crack of musket fire, the screams in Spanish and English of wounded and dying men. He knew it was only a matter of minutes before they smashed in the door to his chamber, but with a single-shot pistol in each hand and his fabled knife in his lap, he was as ready as fevered resolve and desperation could make him.

Suddenly, the heavy door gave way with a crash as a horde of wild-eyed Mexican soldiers poured in. He fired the pistols, felling a man with each shot. Jim Bowie, Southern entrepreneur, Texas pioneer and fabled knife-fighter, was dead. At least, so goes the legend. The Kentucky frontier offered boundless opportunity, and the Bowies prospered.

Rezin acquired a small herd of cattle, built another mill, increased his slave holdings, and acquired hundreds of acres of land. Always seeing greater possibilities around the next bend in the road, however, he soon took his brood to Missouri, and from there, to Spanish-owned Louisiana Territory, where he again did well.

The legend of james bowie essay to Bowie family lore, he roped and wrestled alligators for fun, and trapped bears for profit. Physically, James was impressive.

He could not tolerate what he perceived as an insult. When fired by anger his face bore the semblance of an enraged tiger.

But bythe War of was still raging and had finally come to Louisiana. James and older brother Rezin enlisted in a Louisiana regiment and marched to New Orleans. When the war ended, James, Rezin and John entered into a business arrangement with the notorious pirate and smuggler, Jean Lafitte, in an enterprise that was both sordid and illegal.

They became slave traders. For James, whose long-term ambition was to become a major landowner, it was a fast track to making enough money to realize his goal. Theirs was a two-part enterprise. Lafitte would attack slave ships on the seas and commandeer their human cargo, which he would then sell to the Bowie brothers at a dollar per pound, to be ferried up the river from Vermilion Bay and sold on the auction blocks of St.

Since the law would have considered their enterprise illegal importation, the Bowie brothers devised a scheme to keep themselves above the law, while earning tremendous returns. With the reward money in their purse, they would then buy back the slaves at auction and re-sell them at a significant profit.

They soon quit the slaving business, built a sugar plantation, and, with James in the lead, set about establishing themselves as real estate moguls. Unfortunately, they did so almost exclusively through swindling and land fraud.


President Thomas Jefferson honored these land grants when he purchased the territory from Spain in Such conditions all but invited those who were inclined to perpetrate land fraud; such men were the brothers Bowie. At this time, Louisiana real estate was ripe for the picking.

Writes historian William C. Men lived on the expectation of fortune, hoping each new day for the bonanza that awaited in the trading houses of New Orleans or out in the vast soil.

Swindlers abounded in this time and place, and having once been the victim of a land fraud scheme himself, he was aware of both the methods and the possibilities.

Bowie not only forged land grant documents; he then created deeds of sale, indicating that he had purchased the land described in the spurious grants. Since the documents required the signatures of witnesses, Bowie forged these as well, using the names of respected citizens who were far enough away to render their awareness of his activities unlikely.

The plan was to immediately sell the feloniously acquired land to unsuspecting buyers. Feeling the need for an immediate change of venue, Bowie moved from the backwater Avoyelles to the more upscale Alexandria, where he continued to register bogus claims.

His name was fast becoming synonymous with fraud throughout the region. Bowie refused to let this stop him, as he set about seeking loans and letters of credit based on his bogus real estate claims.

At 30, he also began involving himself in local politics. In backing a friend and fellow army veteran named Samuel Wells, he ran afoul of Maj. Armed with nothing but a pocketknife, he confronted Wright, who promptly drew a pistol and shot Bowie in the side.

The bullet was deflected by pocket coins, causing only a bruise and a broken rib. Inevitably, any discussion of Bowie comes around to the famous knife that bore—and still bears—his name.Bowie knife history--and more to the point, Bowie knife legend--shaped American ideals of what a knife should be for nearly years.

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James "Jim" Bowie was known for his famous Argument Essay The Personal Legend The Outlines * Abraham Lincoln childhood and how he found his personal legend since he was young * How Abraham Lincoln started to follow his personal legend inspiration in his youth and what he achieved in his early life.

In the events that followed Bowie found himself badly beaten, shot and stabbed but before him laid one man cut to ribbons and another one disemboweled In in Texas, Jim Bowie armed with the famous Bowie knife made by James Black, was attacked by three men hired to kill him.

The legend of james bowie essay

Larger than life itself, James Bowie has inspired many legends. Bowie was born in Kentucky on April 10, Throughout his upbringing, Bowie was said to ride wild horses, alligators, and trap bears.

We will write a custom essay sample on The Legend of Jim Bowie specifically for . The Legend Of James Bowie Essay The Legend of Jim Bowie The Daughters of The Republic of Texas Bluebonnet Branch Chapter Friendswood, TX Mary Anne Coleman The Legend of Jim Bowie Larger than life itself, James Bowie has inspired many legends.

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