The residential school system and the assimilation of aboriginals in canada

Two primary objectives of the residential school system were to remove and isolate children from the influence of their homes, families, traditions and cultures, and to assimilate them into the dominant culture. These objectives were based on the assumption Aboriginal cultures and spiritual beliefs were inferior and unequal. The term residential schools refers to an extensive school system set up by the Canadian government and administered by churches that had the nominal objective of educating Aboriginal children but also the more damaging and equally explicit objectives of indoctrinating them into Euro-Canadian and Christian ways of living and assimilating them into mainstream Canadian society.

The residential school system and the assimilation of aboriginals in canada

The residential school system and the assimilation of aboriginals in canada

Canadian law forced Aboriginal parents under threat of prosecution to send their children to the schools. The residential schools prohibited the use of Aboriginal languages, as well as the observance of their traditions, teachings, practices and customs.

Canada confronts its dark history of abuse in residential schools | World news | The Guardian Inat the peak of the residential school system, there were about 80 schools operating in Canada.
Search The Canadian Encyclopedia Her voice and that ofother residential school pupils was finally heard across the nation this week as Canada faced one of the darkest chapters in its history. Although prime minister Stephen Harper apologised for the school system in as did the Roman Catholic Church inhis government has always denied that it was a form of genocide.
Where Are The Children Historically, Canada has stripped Aboriginal persons of their legal rights, taken Aboriginal children from their families, and undernourished these children in residential schools. Today, Aboriginals still face maltreatment in Canada.
The Residential School System Prayer and retire [to bed] Education and Vocational Training Overall, the pedagogical program at residential schools, both academic and vocational, was deficient. Students had to cope with teachers who were usually ill-prepared and curricula and materials derived from and reflecting an alien culture.
Residential Schools in Canada | The Canadian Encyclopedia With this movement has come a focus on addictions and mental health and a renewed commitment to traditional Aboriginal teachings—specifically, to a holistic view of individual and community wellness.

Children did not see their family members for months and even years at a time. Many thousands of Aboriginal children were taken from their families and enrolled in the residential school system during its existence. From the midth to midth centuries, residential school was the norm for Aboriginal people.

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They were operated by religious orders in the earlier years and then moved to total governmental control in later years. Abuses that occurred in schools are numerous, including physical abuse, neglect, torture, and sexual abuse at the hands of the staff.

Despite the fact that abuses were directed toward specific individuals, they were part of a larger project to suppress Aboriginal culture and identity in its entirety. Impacts The impacts of the residential school experience are intergenerational — passed on from generation to generation.

Parents who were forced to send their children to the schools had to deal with the devastating effects of separation and total lack of input in the care and welfare of their children. Many of the children suffered abuse atrocities from the staff that were compounded by a curriculum that stripped them of their native languages and culture.

This caused additional feelings of alienation, shame and anger that were passed down to their children and grandchildren. The effects of trauma tend to ripple outward from those affected by trauma to those who surround them, and among residential school survivors, the consequences of emotional, physical and sexual abuse continue to be felt in each subsequent generation.

Deep, traumatic wounds exist in the lives of many Aboriginal people who were taught to be ashamed just because they were Aboriginal. What has also been a significant factor in the healing process of this trauma is that because of colonization the Elders and Healers of the communities, who would have played a vital role in the healing process, were not replaced or were undermined by the missionaries.

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So what would have provided significant assistance to those who experienced the trauma of the residential schools did not have access to these resources. A significant factor to consider is how the attachment relationship between children, their parents, their natural community and cultural supports were violated.

Attachment to a responsive, nurturing, consistent caregiver is essential for healthy growth and development. Many children of the Residential School system did not have this experience after they were taken from their families and subsequently struggle today because of the trauma of being taken away from attachment figures.

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The impact of these disrupted attachments is felt at individual, family and community levels:Healing the Legacy of the Residential Schools are to: acknowledge the experiences of, and the impacts and consequences of Canada’s Residential School System on Aboriginal peoples; to create a public and historical record of this period in Canadian history that could be easily accessed by Canadians; and to promote public awareness.

The Indian residential school system was created by the Canadian government in the mids and ran until the last school was shut in The goal of the residential school system was to educate and assimilate Aboriginal children into Christian, Euro-Canadian cultural norms and knowledge bases.

Jun 03,  · Canada’s Forced Schooling of Aboriginal Children Was ‘Cultural Genocide,’ Report Finds Image Aboriginal Canadians were forced to attend boarding schools like . Residential Schools.

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In , Canada instituted a policy of Aboriginal assimilation designed to transform communities from “savage” to “civilized”. Canada Residential schools, reserves and Canada's crime from John A. Macdonald to the s managers of the residential school system explicitly intended that program, and the wider Indian Act.

Isolation and Assimilation. The Canadian Government and the Residential School System, to (). Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, The Facebook page for the Legacy of Hope Foundation offers the latest news, announcements, and events concerning residential school matters in Canada.

The Residential School System