True test of greatness of a

Sana maging two-time world champion. Another high in the career of the Baguio City native, who many considered to be the face of Philippine MMA at that point. Then, a year later, as the trend in his career goes, Folayang was knocked off from his spot at the top and was sent crashing down courtesy of a right hand from Martin Nguyen. Just like that, Folayang was again in a valley.

True test of greatness of a

Love is a word that is used very loosely in the society in which we live. The biblical definition of love as expressed in the book of Corinthians is almost nonexistent like a unicorn or purple squirrel.

That is because in our society people practice loving each other momentarily when all is going well. However, as soon as the sky turns bleak they run. The Bible, however, teaches us that loves endures ALL things, believes ALL things, suffers long, think no evil, is not easily provoked, etc.

It is in practicing these things that we will develop maturity. The true test of love, maturity, and greatness comes when we are able to make the hero out of someone who has done us wrong lie, neglect, backbite, backstab, character assassination, etc.

Whenever we are faced with such challenges, we initially think it is impossible to do good to those individuals much more to make a hero out of them.

However, that is not what is being required of us.

True test of greatness of a

We are being required to show that person love and even make a hero out of them. He remained in the character of who he was — the embodiment of good. This teaches us to have our eyes aligned with the focus on God and who He has called us to be and not ourselves.

We have to realize that not everyone has the capacity to celebrate and affirm our greatness. As such we have to learn to love and forgive others as God would.

Not holding grudges, shaking off negativity. Let negativity not impact us and cause us to act out of character. As you do good to those who have hurt you God will elevate you and cause every desire and dream to come to manifestation.

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Trust God and wait on Him and you will mount up with wings like eagles. Father sometimes the fantastic opportunities that You have given to us to display You can be challenging. However, in those moments of weakness, we ask for Your strength to superimpose ours.

Let us be a reflection of Your love, maturity, and greatness. We desire to be more like You and therefore ask that You continue to mold us into being what You had in mind. We submit ourselves to You completely. Have Your way in us.The Ultimate Test of America's Greatness.

An official departure ceremony for John Paul II was held at the Detroit Airport on 19 September, Aug 13,  · “The true test of the greatness of a work of art is its ability to be understood by the masses.” The subject of 'greatness' of a work of art is a subject with many aspects to it.

For the most part, however, it is true that the true test of the greatness of a . Feb 17,  · But which one to invest in? The folks at America's Test Kitchen put together an in-depth dark chocolate taste test to find the best supermarket dark chocolate on the market, and they've shared.

Red Line shutdown will show the greatness of dedicated bus lanes. By Ethan Goffman - July 20, 2. The Rhode Island Avenue and Brookland stations will be closed for structural repairs for 45 days beginning tomorrow, July Reaching for Greatness.

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