Two heads are better than one

So, there's a man crawling through the desert.

Two heads are better than one

March 12, at I think one day I went off the deep end cause I came home with a 6 week old bull mastiff X great dane puppy. I love having three dogs… the fun never stops and I have the best protection in the world!

One for each ankle and one for your crotch! Step unwelcome into my home and your going to hate yourself! That makes training hard. But I still think that the more dogs you have-the more you have to really focus on holding them to a standard of behavior and giving them routing.

Without that, they will completely run the show. Erica January 4, at 9: I think it will be fun to have a lil pack! I am the Pack leader in the pack here and Mine are all well trained so makes it easier to train the third as it will copy the other two.

Danielle February 17, at Rhianna August 9, at 3: The mum is alpha and the oldest she is very protective of me and often snaps at my male. But now my male has started to take a stand and barks at her in protest which is stirring things up. Anyone have any suggestions??

Debbie September 21, at 8: A half sister to my 10 month old maltipoo. I have two little dogs and they are a complete delight.

Being small under 12 pounds they come with us when we travel and always love being with us.

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Very nice plus to have around the house!!! Thanks for the blog! The first dog, Loki, is a pure-bred Chihuahua offspring of show dogs that my husband got from a Chihuahua rescue before I met him.

They have been in the picture since he was adopted! He is now about 6 years old. His name is Samson. We got him less than a year ago through our county animal shelter, but he was staying at a Pitbull rescue. Fortunately, he was not from an abusive environment, but had passed hands a few times due to severe allergies.

Most grains, any grain-fed meat, etc. He is about 4 and while he has some anxiety issues vacuums, loud trucks, any stick-like object, etc. The third dog we got just a couple months ago, and although he was also a rescue, he was the first dog we got who was still a puppy.

We call him Kato. He is still a puppy but has grown significantly. He loves to get right up in your face and LICK. He licks the inside of your mouth, nose, etc. He does all the typical puppy stuff: We got him as a buddy for Loki, and the two little dogs get on famously.

At first, Loki was extremely jealous, but after a few days they started to play fight, and have been inseparable ever since. Samson, the Pit mix, tends to show more intelligence and maturity than the small dogs, so he seems rather aloof and disinterested in their affairs.

Two heads are better than one

He would much rather spend time with me cuddling, taking walks, and chasing his ball. Loki acts like he is just tolerating the whole event. I love all three dogs for their very unique personalities. I have two great dogs rescued one rottweiler and one pit bull. The best dogs I ever had.

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Getting her tomorrow, any suggestions.Better tires and wheels are typically the single biggest contribution to improved handling that you can make. Wider and lower profile tires on wider rims promote a better contact patch and more grip, up to a point.

Original equipment on most Spitfires are / tires on inch wide rims. How to use two heads are better than one in a sentence. —used to say that it is easier for two people who help each other to solve a problem than it is for one. Gold & Platinum Turns 60!

For the past 60 years, the RIAA has honored music’s best through its Gold & Platinum Awards Program.

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When an artist earns a Gold & Platinum certification, they join the ranks of an elite group of beloved musicians.

Which Two Heads Are Better Than One?: How diverse teams create breakthrough ideas and make smarter decisions - Kindle edition by Juliet Bourke.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device 5/5(1). Dec 21,  · captains, the traditional view of leadership is one person at the top, sitting where the buck stops. But a model of shared leadership is proving that two heads may be better than one.

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Ecclesiastes Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.